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This image was captured at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona ( AZ ), USA.
It features a succulent.

Prominent colors & details: green, yellow, white, brown, beige, black, grey, neutral, plant, plants, succulent, succulents, aloe, agave, smooth, sharp, pointy, points, pointed, thorn, thorns, thorny, spike, spikes, spikey, barb, barbs, barbed, needle, needles, hook, hooks, hooked, pin, pins


Other keywords: Botanical Garden, Botanical Gardens, Desert Botanical Garden, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona, AZ, USA, United States, United States of America, America, North America


  • Note that image(s) shown include have a white border and are in 2:3 ratio (not the exact ratios available, as seen below). This border is NOT part of the image (it will not be included in the print/product), but is only included here so the image is not cropped to a square for your viewing.

    Sizes/dimensions are shown in inches. Sizes for bin prints are offered in 5x7 (in 8x10 matboard), 8x10 (in 11x14 matboard), and 11x14 (in 16x20 matboard). Contact me if you require a custom size that's not listed. Please include all details concerning the product (size, matboard color, etc.) so I can provide an accurate quote if I’m able to meet your request.

    The pricing of this product ranges from $15 (for the smallest print) to $59 (for the largest matted print). Prices update as you choose your size & matting option.

    If you desire to purchase the same image in various sizes, &/or matting options, you will have to do add a separate item to your cart for each variant.

    Please note in the custom text section if you would like the image to be rotated 90 degrees for printing & hanging (in opposite orientation). I will accommodate if it doesn’t compromise the image composition, etc.

    **Please note that your product will come signed by the photographer/artist of AllyQuin Photography, LLC [Alyssa Quiñones].

    For more information on AllyQuin Photography's policies, please see the other information sections &/or the Terms & Conditions page.

    For more information about the products/mediums & their specifications, please see the Product Information page.


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