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Privacy Policy

AllyQuin Photography, LLC and keeps your payment information secure.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC and never receive your credit card information.

Terms & Conditions

COPYRIGHT: The images and commentary within
and associated social media sites of AllyQuin Photography, LLC are copyright 
AllyQuin Photography

and are presented for web browser viewing only.

They are created and owned by AllyQuin Photography, LLC, meaning the photographer owns the copyright.

It is illegal to use these images and/or commentary in any manner elsewhere

(reproducing, downloading, storing, copying, manipulating, altering, printing, screenshotting, etc.).
If these images are stolen, AllyQuin Photography, LLC has the right to seek legal action and receive payment

for the stolen images. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.
Copyright © 2021 AllyQuin Photography. All Rights Reserved Since 2021.

REFERRING, TAGGING, & QUOTING: If commentary written, or images of/from the products sold,

by AllyQuin Photography, LLC are used in social media,

applicable AllyQuin Photography accounts must be tagged or credited for the content:                                                                                   @AllyQuinPhotography             @AllyQuinPhotography

Privacy Policy



Product & Shipping:

PRODUCT SIZING, MATERIALS, & COLORING: AllyQuin Photography, LLC offers free consultations to assist clients in making the best decisions for their art, however, AllyQuin Photography, LLC is not an interior design business/professional, and is not liable for final satisfaction of results. If still unsure after consultation,

client is responsible for hiring/consulting with a professional interior designer to confirm desired outcome.

Each product has multiple size and material options. 

If client cannot find a suitable size, shape, or material, they may contact AllyQuin Photography, LLC
to see if their desired size , shape, or material can be accommodated. AllyQuin Photography, LLC

makes no guarantee of customization, but will attempt to accommodate when possible.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction of product based on the client’s

choice in sizing and/or materials. Material descriptions are available, and if further clarity is required,
client is responsible for doing their due diligence in researching the materials further.
Image colors for products shown may vary slightly due to differences in screens.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction based on slight color variations.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not edit/customize coloring of images.

PRODUCT DELIVERY / SHIPPING: No part of any order will be delivered until the cost is paid in full.
Typical delivery is between 2-4 weeks after ordering, depending on the nature of the product. 

However, it can take as much as 10-12 weeks depending on the customization required,

or the timing of the manufacturer and their current demand.
You will receive a notification email with tracking information when your order is on its way to you.
Customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not responsible for delays due to customs.

The efficiency of manufacturers and delivery services decreases prior to/during holidays.
Customer should make orders in advance for timely delivery.
No refunds/discounts or returns will be given for later-than-desired deliveries.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC will never prepare products or offer services between Friday night

and Saturday night, and typically not on Sundays. If customer needs order by a certain date,

preparation needs to be made ahead of time based on manufacturing and shipping timeframes.
Product delivery timeframes listed by AllyQuin Photography, LLC are based on the manufacturer’s standards,
but once AllyQuin Photography, LLC has prepared the product order,
AllyQuin Photography, LLC cannot guarantee/control the manufacturer’s order fulfillment or shipping times.


Shipping Methods / Services & Packaging Materials: 

LOSS, DAMAGE, & SHIPMENT ISSUES: Client is aware that color dyes in photography may fade or discolor over time due to the inherent qualities of dyes and improper care of the product by the client
(for more information, see Product Care & Cleaning), 
and client releases AllyQuin Photography, LLC from any liability for any claims whatsoever based upon fading or discoloration due to such inherent qualities in the product they purchase, outside of lab defects and product warranties.

AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not be held responsible in the case of loss, damage, or shipping issues
(from shipping/handling to any time after client has taken possession of the product). Manufacturer requires examination of product and noting any damages with shipper upon signing for shipment.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC’s product cost/services do not include installation,
and will not be held responsible for damage resulting from poor/improper installation. etc.
AllyQuin Photography, LLC honors the quality of their work and product. Though financial responsibility 

with the client (AllyQuin Photography, LLC will not replace product), AllyQuin Photography, LLC will serve as the middleman to make contact with the manufacturer/shipper on the client’s behalf in the event that the

quality of the product has not met the standards of AllyQuin Photography, LLC, or that the product was damaged by shipper in any way during transit or delivery. Client may be held responsible for the cost of

required return shipments in the event of replacement by manufacturer.

INSTALLATION / HANGING HARDWARE: Products arrive ready to hang, with hanging hardware on the back—installed by manufacturer (not AllyQuin Photography, LLC). Client may choose to install their own hardware. AllyQuin Photography, LLC’s product cost/services do not include product installation,

and will not be held responsible for damage resulting from accidents during installation.

If pre-installed manufacturer’s hardware is faulty—resulting in damage during or after installation,

AllyQuin Photography, LLC will serve as the middleman to make contact with the

manufacturer/shipper on the client’s behalf. However, AllyQuin Photography, LLC

cannot guarantee that this will meet the requirements for the manufacturer to replace/repair product.

If replacement/repair is done, client may be responsible for any/all shipping charges.

Investment & Taxes / Fees:

PRICING & PAYMENTS: Full payment is required at checkout.
The charges in the contract are based on AllyQuin Photography, LLC’s current prices,

and may change at any time at the discretion of the photographer. Product pricing is subject to change as well.
If product is repurchased due to loss, damage, fading, etc. as a result of improper care of the product by the client, AllyQuin Photography, LLC cannot guarantee that the prices will be the same as when originally purchased
—based on the current costs of both the manufacturer and AllyQuin Photography, LLC.

REFUNDS, RETURNS, & EXCHANGES: All sales are final once payment is collected.
However, if a change in image is desired for the purchased product, contact must be made by client to

AllyQuin Photography, LLC—and responded to—before AllyQuin Photography, LLC has prepared the product ordered originally. Any price differences will be covered before new product will be prepared and/or shipped.
NO REFUNDS / EXCHANGES WILL BE GIVEN, nor returns accepted.

SALES TAX: AllyQuin Photography, LLC is a business based in Arizona, and is required by law to collect
sales tax from Arizona residents at 
a percentage based on the business’ location.

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